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September 7

September 7 Florida man, drunk and naked, allegedly set

An apologetic but embarrassed man greeted Florida firefighters after allegedly starting a house fire while trying to bake cookies on George Foreman’s grill, according to local media reports.

Smoke was pouring from a house in Niceville, Florida on Aug.27 when a naked man met authorities at the door, according to a police report cited by the Miami Herald. At that time, the house was filled with smoke and several items were on fire.

“I’m sorry,” he told them and closed the door, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

The man “showed no sign of understanding the danger he was in,” the Herald quoted the police report as saying. He later told authorities that he smoked marijuana and drank two liters of vodka, according to the Herald. For his safety, firefighters told him that he could have died from smoke poisoning, according to the Daily News. Firefighters in oxygen masks carried burning objects out of the house.
Fire on a black background.

Every Day is Florida Man Day:

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