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September 10

September 10 Florida man gives brutally thorough answer to

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida. – Florida resident says his Facebook event inviting people to shoot Hurricane Irma was a joke that got out of hand, he said on Sunday that he never expected anyone to take his proposal seriously.

More than 50,000 people signed up by Sunday after 22-year-old Rion Edwards of Daytona Beach posted an invitation marked: “IT’S THIS WATCH A WIND HEAD BY IRMA TO SAY THAT THEY PUSHED US, LET’S SHOW IRMA THAT WE FIRST ARE FIRST. ”

Edwards told The Associated Press in a Facebook post on Sunday that, “It looks like this joke has gotten into the minds of a lot of people. I have people in my inbox who are fucking angry because they think this is really happening. I don’t know whether to laugh or sigh. ”

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Most, but not all, Facebook respondents seemed to understand that Edwards was not serious, posting photos and comments poking fun at Florida stereotypes, including pot-bellied men dressed only in underwear with pistols and rifles.

In case some people didn’t get the joke, the Pascoe County Sheriff’s Office tweeted late Saturday night: “DO NOT fire your gun (hashtag) Irma. You won’t force it to turn around (and) it will have very dangerous side effects. “People were killed by falling bullets

Edwards said in a Facebook post on Sunday that there is a lesson to be learned from his viral experience.

“It was great to see the response received on Facebook,” Edward wrote. “On the other hand, I learned that about 50% of the people in the world cannot understand sarcasm to save their lives. Continue. “

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