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October 20

October 20 Deputy cleared for shooting naked man armed with

The Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputy was acquitted after shooting and injuring a naked man who aimed a crossbow at him and other deputies as they tried to arrest the man for barricading himself in the house.

On October 20, the sheriff’s emergency services were called by a man who said his son, 26-year-old Glen Phillips, was under the influence of drugs and threatened to shoot him at home, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. the report was released on Wednesday. According to the report, the father made an appointment with the deputies at the store, but never showed up.

Later that morning, the father called 911 again and said that his son had locked himself in their home on Highway 4 in Jay and would not let him inside. The MPs responded, and their father again told them that Phillips had threatened to shoot him with a crossbow.

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