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October 2

October 2 Florida man tries to buy 8-year-old girl at Walmart

(RNN) – An 81-year-old Florida man tried to buy an 8-year-old girl from her mother Friday in Port Orange, Florida, Walmart.

Police told WFTV that Tracy Nye and her daughter were sitting on a bench in a store when Helmut Kolb approached her mother and asked if she was married.

“He asked me where my husband was and laughed when I told him he was at work,” Nye said in a Facebook post after the incident.

The suspect began bidding for the child and offered to pay his mother $ 200,000 for her little girl.

Naturally, Nye got up to leave, but the suspect grabbed the baby and kissed her wrist.

Met security and left the store. Security cameras filmed the entire test.

Investigators were able to use Kolb’s social media and credit card transactions to identify him. He was arrested on Saturday and charged with simple beatings and illegal imprisonment.

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