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October 15

Florida Man with a gun

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. The Florida resident said he resisted an armed man who broke into his home on Friday and gouged out his eyes.

Richard Golden said he was sitting at his home in Jacksonville when he heard someone break down his glass door. Then he found himself face to face with a man armed with a rifle demanding money.

He said he fought an armed man before he got the upper hand.

“He hit me on the head with a gun, and while my friend came up and distracted him. When he distracted him, I made my move. I grabbed him and locked the pistol, ”Golden told WJXT. -A TELEVISION.

Golden said that he put the man, who was identified as Timothy Hinson, in the castle and poked his fingers in the eyes.

Golden made sure Hinson didn’t escape while he waited for the police to arrive.

“I sat on him and gouged out his eyes until the police arrived here. I beat him with his own pistol until the police came here, ”Golden said.

He said he was not sure why he was targeted for a crime because he had never seen a suspect before in his life.

Golden’s hands were scratched from the fight, and his dog ran away because the gate to his house was left open during the fight.

Hinson was treated for his injuries and arrested. He remains in jail on $ 250,000 bail.

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