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October 12

ᐉᐉᐉOctober 12 Florida man Was Arrested After Taking Meth

Gadsden County MPs summoned to the hospital examined his personal belongings, including a sunglasses case with two lighters, a rubber ring, a small bag containing approximately 25 Xanax tablets, and a crushed tablet.

Reinak then used the bathroom and showed himself to the nurse.

According to the police report, when he was in the examination room, “he periodically masturbated, urinated on himself and crawled on the floor,” said a Democrat from Tallahassee.

He told doctors that he took methamphetamine and cocaine before school and that he left school at lunchtime and took a Xanax pill at Burger King. It is unknown if he taught students that morning.

Reinack was taken to the Gadsden County Jail, where he was charged with possession of a prohibited substance without a prescription. He was later released after posting $ 2,500 bail.

He was sent on administrative leave without pay until charges were brought against him and he completed his rehabilitation program.

Roger Milton, superintendent of Gadsden County Schools, said he did not know if Reinak was influenced in front of the students, however, according to his district’s policy, he could still return to work.

“So the policy is that under these circumstances, the employee is given the opportunity to participate in the program, and depending on the prosecutions and everything else, he can continue his work in the district,” he said.

“He looked like a very sweet, very personable young man,” Milton said, adding, “I don’t know of any other criminal record, past, problems or any problems.

“We value our people in Gadsden, so we hope that no matter what kind of involvement or situation Mr. Reinak has, he will try to somehow solve this problem,” said the Tallahassee Democrat.

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