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November 7

WATCH | Florida man jumps into crocodile pit, gets bit, claims he was held captive

(CNN) – A Florida man took a dangerous move on Tuesday and the whole thing was captured on camera.

He was captured on surveillance video jumping into a pond filled with crocodiles, but that’s not even the most shocking part of the story.

All this happened on a livestock farm in St. Augustine, Florida. The man stayed in the aviary for several hours, and the video shows that he is jumping right into the water.

“Crazy. Absolutely crazy, said one tourist. “How can anyone be so stupid?”

The next morning, the farm workers found only Crocs shorts and boots. They thought it was just a joke until they saw the blood and then called the police. Then they watched the footage again.

The lucky man was attacked by one of the 12-foot crocodiles before being spotted trying to climb over the fence to escape. The next day, neighbors found a man limping in the neighborhood, muttering about being held captive.

“I think his business was that he kept repeating:” I was a hostage in a place where alligators are found. ”

The suspect is being treated at the district hospital. None of the animals were injured in the incident.

Every Day is Florida Man Day:

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