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November 15

ᐉᐉᐉFlorida Man Makes Himself A Snack While Robbing Taco Bell

November 15, 2019 at 12:46 PM Filed Under: Burglary, Florida Man, Local TV, Miami News, Taco Bell

BOYNTON BEACH (CBS Miami) – South Florida police are looking for the man who was captured robbing Taco Bell at Boynton Beach Mall.

They believe he is guilty of at least two burglaries here in the past month.

It turns out that this crook not only went for cash, but also couldn’t resist the pre-fried tostad shells.

If you recognize this guy, call Boynton Beach Police at (561) 732-8116 or Palm Beach County Crime Defense at 800-458-TIPS (8477).

The police say they don’t want your name, just his.

Every Day is Florida Man Day:

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