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May 5

May 5 Florida Man Fugitive Florida man on bike hoped 'hideous' blonde wig disguise

A Florida man wanted on drug charges did not quite prove himself a “master of deception” when he was arrested last week wearing a “hideous” blonde wig as he tried to force his way past a police arrest, authorities said.

Robert “Bobby” Walls was arrested on his bike as he tried to drive through the police perimeter set up around the residence he was staying at, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said. With the exception of long blond hair, the leaving man lived up to Walls’ description.
Agents, who are not easily deceived, determined that it was Walls in disguise and took him into custody. Walls later told MPs that he knew he was wanted and used the wig as a disguise to elude the officers, the sheriff’s office said.
The sheriff said the arrest was part of a “serious drug investigation” that resulted in arrest warrants for more than 100 suspects.

The lawmakers said Walls faced several charges, including conspiracy to possess a controlled substance, calling for the sale of a controlled substance and illegal use of a two-way device.

“So, here’s the moral of the story,” the sheriff’s office said. “Don’t sell drugs and you don’t have to worry about jail, don’t try to hide from law enforcement if you have a warrant, and above all, DO NOT wear a disgusting wig when trying to escape from prison. By / By bike.

“I mean, come on dude, have some dignity !!” the sheriff’s office added.

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