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May 4

May 4 Alligator hides out in Florida man's garage

May 4th. UPI. The Florida homeowner was surprised when neighbors warned him that there might be an alligator in his garage.

Residents of the Palmer Ranch neighborhood in Sarasota said a neighbor spotted the alligator in front of the homeowner’s open garage on Wednesday afternoon, and later noticed that the alligator had disappeared and the garage was closed.

Neighbors said they had warned the man about the possibility that an alligator was hiding in the garage, and he opened the door to find out that this was indeed the case.

A neighbor named Erica starred Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputy Robbie Martin catching an alligator.

An alligator, which neighbors say has no front paw and was spotted nearby, was released into a nearby pond.

Experts say the number of alligator sightings is increasing in Florida and elsewhere as the mating season continues and the reptiles move away from their regular homes in search of mates.

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