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May 18

ᐉᐉᐉMay 18 Florida man tased after walking naked around neighborhood

The man reportedly told MPs that he lived in the neighborhood and that he “gets sexual gratification by pressing his penis and walking naked in the rain.”

WATER BREEZE. According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, a man was arrested Thursday night for allegedly walking naked through a residential area in the rain with a bottle of oil.
At approximately 20:30. On Thursday, MPs were sent to a house in Woodlawn Way in connection with a naked man walking near a resident’s front door.
While investigating the report, another resident said he was watching a naked man, who was reportedly agitated while standing in a driveway in the pouring rain with a plastic bottle in hand. According to his detention report, the bottle contained vegetable oil.
When the deputy approached the man, he ran around the truck in the driveway until the deputy caught up with him and took the bottle. While trying to handcuff him, he escaped and ran.
The report says that, ignoring the command to stop, the deputy put a stun gun on the man and fell on his back.
The man reportedly told MPs that he lives in the neighborhood and that he “gets sexual gratification by clutching his penis and walking naked in the rain,” according to the arrest protocol.
He also stated that he carries vegetable oil with him because he likes to rub it on his feet. He said that he had walked naked in his neighborhood at least once before, but prefers to walk naked on the beach, especially Pensacola Beach and Navarra Beach.
He said that he actually walked naked for an hour and a half and that his walk included a visit to Woodlon Beach High School.
The man was taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail on charges of loitering and vagrancy, lewd and lascivious behavior, resisting an officer without violence and exposing the genitals – all of these misconduct.

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