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May 13

May 13 Nearly nude man tased in airport

A man, dressed only in his underwear, was hit with a stun gun last week after he burst into the main lobby of Tallahassee Regional Airport, claiming he needed to catch a plane.

Police contacted 26-year-old Chris Haynes after he broke into the airport’s main entrance and left his car unattended in the unloading area just before 4 a.m. on May 5.

Haynes made a statement that he needed to catch the plane as he continued to move towards the TSA checkpoint, ignoring several commands to stop, court records show.

Haynes was stunned in his back and buttocks before being arrested. He was not injured and did not have an air ticket.

The police report said Haynes had nunchuks, but a Tallahassee police department spokesman said the officer made a mistake in writing the report. Haynes had no weapons. The officer producing the stun gun wanted to stop him before he could get to the airport terminal. In the report, he wrote that he was not sure how close the other officers were.

“The TSA checkpoint is unsafe and the subject may have gained access to the airside of the airport terminal,” the police report said.

Airport director Chris Curry said runway traffic starts at around 6 a.m. on average, and that hasn’t affected work

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