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March 4

March 4 Man throws Molotov cocktails at his own vehicle inside Orange County impound lot

ORANGE DISTRICT, Florida. According to the arrest report, a man from Orange County is under arrest after allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails into his car in a parking lot. “He came back and started throwing cocktail bombs over the fence at his car,” said parking lot owner Darnell Adams. The arrest report states that the suspect, Ayub Abdulrahman, came to retrieve his car after it was confiscated and set it on fire instead. The state fire chief is currently investigating what happened at the impoundment yard near South Orange Avenue and Fourth Street. Adams said he was going to hand over the keys because Abdulrahman had already paid almost $ 300 to get this car out of the parking lot, but instead of driving home, the burned-out car got stuck behind tape from the crime scene. Adams said he was bringing Abdulrahman his keys when security cameras caught him throwing several incendiary bombs at a car. “Everything is on camera, and I showed it to the cops,” Adams said. “I mean, it’s just as clear as day, throwing three, four, five gas bombs over the fence.” MPs have asked WFTV not to broadcast the remainder of this video while they are in the early stages of their investigation. But the surveillance video shows exactly what Adams described. “I didn’t even own it anymore. He got it, ”Adams said. “20 minutes. If he had waited twenty minutes, he could have left in his car.” Adams said he was walking around the corner with the keys and saw Abdulrahman running away. He chased him until the deputies arrested him. Adams said his mechanic was able to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. “What if he came back later and tried to finish the job and all my cars were on fire?” said Adams. Adams said he was especially grateful for the scene with only one car. “We have a paint shop in the back of the house, so there is a lot of flammable materials in there, and it could hurt a lot of people here,” Adams said. The deputies said that the State Fire Service is investigating the incident.

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