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March 3

March 3 Florida man rescues grandma floating away on ice throne

What started out as fun and games turned into a rescue mission when a grandmother on ice in the shape of a throne began to float with her on top of Iceland.

Judith Strang was visiting the country with her son when she said they found photographs of people taking pictures on the throne of an iceberg in Yorkulsarion.

“He had a shape that was comfortable to sit on. You can tell by looking at its shape and I thought it looked fun, ”Judith Strang told ABC News.

“When I got into it, it started to wobble and a wave came in,” Strang said. “There was a very big wave that turned the throne into rock, and I could tell I was slipping.” It never occurred to Strang that the ice was not strong, as she saw many other tourists climbing to the top. But, of course, she began to float away.

Fortunately, a Florida man sailing nearby saw what was happening and went to help.

Photos of this test quickly went viral after being shared online by Streng’s granddaughter.

Streng said she had no regrets about what happened.

“I thought it [would be] pretty fun. You know, I’ve always wanted to be a queen. That is, come on, this was my chance, ”she said.

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