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March 11

March 11 Nearly a pound of marijuana found in Florida man's pants

CHARLOTTE, Florida. An armed 21-year-old man was arrested last week and tried to hide nearly a pound of marijuana in his pants during a traffic stop.

Charlotte County MPs said Trevor Coday of Port Charlotte was stopped Thursday after a stoplight was installed on Toledo Blade Boulevard and Tyrgard Street.

During a traffic stop, the deputy smelled the smell of marijuana coming from the car, and later found a one pound bag in Kodey’s pants. The MPs said that he tried to keep him from falling to the ground by standing outside the car.

They also found a loaded gun, marijuana wax, and prescription drugs on Koday. The gun was confiscated as evidence. Law enforcement did not say whether the weapon was in legal possession. Coday has been registered on several recommended drug charges. Since then, he has placed a bond worth $ 12,500.

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