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June 9

ᐉᐉᐉJune 9 Pet monkey attacks employee at Florida Home Depot

OKECHOBI, Florida – A wild monkey attacked a home warehouse in Florida, all on camera.

A pet monkey escaped from its owner’s truck and attacked a store employee in Okeechobee, Florida.

Authorities said a tamed spider monkey named Spanky was waiting in the car at around 2:00 pm. Sheriff officials said when owner Tina Ballard walked into the store on Monday.

According to the report, 50-year-old employee Marilyn Howard was on hiatus when she heard coworkers shouting that the monkey was free.

The staff member grabbed the leash and the monkey climbed onto her back, but when the front sliding glass door of the store opened, the monkey got scared and bit Howard.

Howard refused immediate medical attention, but said she would be examined at the hospital.

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