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June 12

ᐉᐉᐉJune 12 Florida Man Swallows 20 Rocks Of Crack, Leads Cops

COUNTY OF MONROE (CBS Miami). On Tuesday, a Florida man led several officers and deputies in a pursuit from Miami to the Upper Keys.

According to Florida police, 50-year-old Mark Edward Welch from Lake Worth had an accident on the mainland and tried to escape towards the Keys.

Welch eventually crashed into a concrete wall and came to a stop near Javfish Creek Bridge at mile 107.

Welch ignored the order of the deputies to get out of the car while they put weapons on him. He was eventually taken into custody without any resistance. It was then that he told the deputies that there was a woman in the jeep. However, when they looked, there was no one there.

However, the deputies found a pipe with traces of cocaine.

Welch admitted to having swallowed 20 shots of crack during the chase and had been smoking cocaine since Tuesday morning, according to the sheriff’s office. He said that some of the stones were still stuck in his throat and it was difficult for him to cough up them.

The MPs took Welch to the hospital in Tavernier. After his release, the deputies handcuffed him and sent him to prison.

Welch was charged with DUI while hiding

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