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July 4

July 4 Florida man loses fingers, eyebrows in fireworks fail

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida. According to his friend, on Tuesday night, during a fireworks display, the fingers of a Brevard County man were torn off.

The accident occurred at a residential complex on Ligustram Lane near North Courtney Boulevard on Merritt Island.

Ryan Dobard was airlifted to the hospital as an injured patient with a serious hand injury, officials said.

According to a friend, the victim’s fingers were frozen in the hospital, where doctors will try to reattach them.

“At first we thought he was playing, but his arm just broke,” Sherom Cosby said.

Cosby said he ran to a second-floor balcony where fireworks were lit to help his friend.

“I just saw the blood just rush into the air. It was crazy, right on the balcony, ”Cosby said.

According to a friend, the victim also lost his eyebrows, and his hearing was affected by the sound of the explosion.

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