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July 2

July 2 Keys Deputies Arrest Man Dressed as Pirate for Firing Muskets at Cars

There are a lot of weird things happening in Florida, and we’re here every week to take stock of the strangest. This week: Indians, a homeless woman who wanted to pass her homeless skills to children, and a startling Bigfoot theory.

Keys man arrested for piracy
Yo-ho, yo-ho, the life of a pirate for Jamie Spering. A man makes his living with the help of a pirate entertainer (professional truck transporter). Of course, piracy is a highly illegal activity, so it makes sense that Spering is on the wrong side of the law, as is the character he plays.

On Monday afternoon, Spering met two friends at the Sunset Grille in Marathon to watch the sunset. Spering wore full pirate gear and carried two muskets, a dagger, a knife and a sword. The trio then decided to go to the Seven Mile Bridge to have some fun.

Spering fired one shot from his musket into the water, then turned and fired another at the car. Not real ammunition, but suffice it to say that a man dressed as a pirate and shooting a pistol towards the side of the road still caused many drivers to shake logs (in fact, one shot a video from a mobile phone that was handed over to the police)

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