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July 19

July 19 Florida man, 33, posed as housewife to lure men into home where he'd secretly film sex acts for web, cops say

Federal officials said Tuesday that a Florida man impersonated a housewife in order to trick unsuspecting heterosexuals into allowing him to have sex with them, while secretly filming meetings for later posting online.

Homestead’s Brian Deneuvemestier, 33, has been charged with two counts of illegal interception of oral communication and three counts of misconduct in connection with the StraightBoyz website, the Miami Herald reported, citing a law enforcement document.

According to the newspaper, Deneuvemestière allegedly ran a website that tricked heterosexual men into agreeing to have sex with gay men. The heterosexual men were blindfolded, wore tinted glasses and seemed to believe they were with a woman.

Deneuvemoster is accused of posing as a “real heterosexual woman” in Craigslist advertisements in an attempt to lure men into a house near Homestead Reserve AFB, US national security investigators said.

“When the men asked for reassurance about the absence of cameras, he assured them that ‘she’ was married to someone in the army and would never photograph or videotape them,” the Herald reported, citing a law enforcement document. “In fact, however, Deneumestye is a video and audio recording of all sexual contact.”

The man is believed to have run the StraightBoyz website for four years. The site had over 600 videos before it went offline. It is not known how many victims were.

Earlier this month, Deneumestye was charged with illegal sex with a minor. Police said police found Deneumestye with an underage boy who had been reported missing at the Homestead Hotel. Deneumestye reportedly confessed to using drugs and having sex with a teenager

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