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July 10

July 10 Florida man wasn’t drinking while driving, just at stop signs

Indian River County – Earl Stevens Jr. told investigators he did not drink while driving.

Instead, he only drank bourbon when he stopped at traffic lights and stop signs. However, Stevens’ explanation did not save him from jail on a hopeless act following the June 27 incident in Vero Beach, the sworn testimony of the arrest said.

Indian River County Sheriff’s officials went to McDonald’s in the 700th block of South U.S. 1 in Vero Beach due to possible unrest. The woman said that the car behind her on the roadway continued to hit her rear bumper. She pointed to a car driven by 69-year-old Stevens from Vero Beach.

Stevens said he never had a valid Florida driver’s license. The deputies noticed that he did indeed have an open bottle of alcohol in a brown paper bag in the passenger seat.

Stevens smelled like booze and said he felt “okay.”

He said he was drinking Jim Beam bourbon from a bottle in the passenger seat. He said he drank at “stop signs.”

“He also explained that he did not drink while the car was moving and only when he stopped at stop signs and traffic lights,” the affidavit reads. He said he was “actively” drinking from Port St. Lucie to Indian River County.

There are many stop signs and traffic lights between Port Saint Lucy and Indian River County.

Stevens participated in a field sobriety drill and was arrested on DUI charges and driving without a license.

At the Indian River County Jail, breath tests showed Stevens’ blood alcohol levels to be 0.153 and 0.147, above the statutory limit of 0.08.

Stevens said he had two previous DUI charges from Missouri

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