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July 1

July 1 Rooftop burglar stole more than 70 guns and fled on 3-wheel bicycle

Neil Rednow described the gun heist from his store on the Orange Blossom Trail early Tuesday morning as a scene from a movie.

The burglar or burglars punched a hole in the ceiling of Al’s navy shop, lowered the rope, and went back upstairs with two sacks filled with over 70 pistols.

“It must be Spider-Man,” said Krasnou. “I can’t remember who else [could have done it].”

The burglary occurred sometime after midnight without triggering an alarm.

“He fell in the middle of the floor, where there are no alarms,” Krasnov said.

The blood found on a pipe outside the building showed “how a suspect could climb up and down the roof,” the police report said.

Shortly after 2 a.m., local Orange County MPs investigating a series of car burglaries instead found 19-year-old Gary Jamel Shakwan Elliot, who was bleeding from a wound on his right arm.

According to the sheriff’s report released Wednesday, the deputy first spotted Elliott, dressed in dark clothing, pedaling a heavily loaded tricycle on Rio Grande’s South Avenue. Then the teenager turned sharply behind the duplex and disappeared.

The bike was found abandoned, along with a backpack and two large black weapon bags.

“Inside … I saw several pistols with price tags and serial numbers for Al’s Army and Navy,” MP Matthew Vinson wrote. “One of the bags also contained spray cans and (a) scrap. I could also see blood on most of the pistols as well as on the handlebars of the bike. ”

Records show that Elliott was caught trying to leave the area.

The MPs contacted the Orlando Police Department and held Elliott at 39th Street and South Rio Grande Avenue until the officer arrived.

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An inspection of the gun store found no immediate signs of a break-in. But the officer looked through the front door and saw a hole in the ceiling, which was also noticed by the sheriff’s helicopter crew.

After the door was unlocked, three glass display cases were found broken. Records show that black paint was sprayed on the floor in an attempt to hide the blood.

Elliott was charged with armed robbery of a building with a firearm, massive theft of a third degree firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and criminal injury.

He remains in detention without bail on an additional suspended sentence for his conviction of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Prior to this, the teenager was arrested five times on various charges.

According to the police report, all but four pistols of the approximately 75 pistols and long guns stolen during the robbery were recovered.

This isn’t the first time robbers have hit the Al’s Army fleet in Orlando.

On May 21, 2006, thieves driving a stolen SUV crashed into the main entrance of the store. Crasnow then set up emergency barriers to prevent the incident from recurring.

Shotgun burglary was one of seven that spring in gun stores across Central Florida.

Some 400 weapons were reportedly stolen during the series of burglaries.

In 2013, robbers broke through the back wall of a Crasnow store in Altamonte Springs and escaped with 58 pistols, records show.

According to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, about 15,000 firearms are stolen from gun shops across the country every year.

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