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January 5

January 5 Florida man throws pizza at dad after finding out

PASCO COUNTY, FL: (Gray News) – A Florida man is in jail before being charged with a household battery.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office told the WFLA that Robert Houston was so furious when he learned that his father had helped him have a baby that he shoved pizza in his face.

Investigators do not know why the news upset the 33-year-old suspect. They said he held his father in the chair and yelled at him.

“The victim began to rush about, trying to get rid of the accused, after which the accused went out into the street and waited for law enforcement agencies,” MPs told local media.

When the law enforcement agencies arrived, the suspect approached the deputy, turned around, clasped his hands behind his back, and told him that he knew that he would be sent to prison.

Investigators found a slice of pizza on the chair. Everything was covered in cheese and gravy.

The father told the deputies that he went for a walk with the dogs, and Houston stood on the porch, waiting for the delivery of pizza. When dad returned, chaos began.

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