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January 14

ᐉᐉᐉJanuary 14 Florida man finds boa constrictor under car's hood

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (AP) – A Florida man suffered a slippery shock when he opened the hood of his car to find a boa constrictor leaning on an engine.

Ernst Dimansch told WSVN that he just drove his kids to school on Friday and returned home to work in his Cadillac. He says he saw a snake and “just went crazy.”

The Miami Gardens man says he called animal control, but they charged $ 300 for help and he couldn’t afford it. He says his neighbor, Demetri Giddings, offered to help.

Giddings pulled the snake out of the car with a hanger. As for Dimanche, he says he can now relax when “my snake day is over.”

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