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January 11

January 11 Florida man chews up police car seat

ESTATE (CBS Miami). A Florida man was arrested Thursday night after more than 40 grams of cocaine were found on him during a traffic stop near the Florida Keys, but not before he decided to eat part of the arresting officer’s patrol car seat. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 37-year-old Melvin Stubbs from Homestead has been charged with cocaine trafficking and resisting arrest. He was also charged with damaging property for chewing on and / or eating a sheriff’s patrol car seat after being taken into custody at Mile 59.

Stubbs was stopped by the police for driving with very dark, illegal tinted windows. It was then revealed that he had an arrest warrant for violating probation related to the sale of cocaine.

Stubbs tried to escape, but was caught and killed by one of the officers. Police say they found four bags of cocaine, totaling 41.1 grams, in his jacket pocket. After Stubbs sat him in the back seat of a police car, Stubbs bit off and / or ate a large piece of the seat, resulting in at least 1,000 dollars. in damage, according to police.

Officers said he was so aggressive that they had to restrain his legs and take him to the fishermen’s hospital in Marathon.

He was cleared for medical reasons and then sent to prison.

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