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February 2

October 7 Florida man accused of pouring beer in gator's

Authorities said the South Florida man was accused of pouring beer into an alligator’s mouth after persuading a reptile to bite his hand after being caught by her friend. Hob Sound’s 27-year-old Timothy Jean Kepke was charged with illegally taking an alligator. Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Another man, 22-year-old Noah Osborne from Stuart, was charged with the same crime. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials said they received a complaint against the two men in August, TCPalm reported. The video was filmed at 22:30. On August 26, in Palm City, Kepke was shown holding an alligator and attempting to bite his right forearm, the website reported. According to the FWC report, after being bitten, Kepke allegedly poured beer into the alligator’s mouth, causing the reptiles to act aggressively.

The couple then released the alligator, officials said.

On September 17, authorities went to Kepke’s house, where he told officers that this was the man in the video, TCPalm reported.

MPs issued arrest warrants for Kepke and Osborne and arrested both on Thursday, the website said. They were released the next day after posting bail.

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