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February 19

February 19 Florida man throws pizza slice at his mom during

PORT RICHIE, Florida. A Port Ritchie man was arrested Monday after MPs said he threw a slice of pizza at his mom during an altercation and then ran away from police.

The Pascoe County Sheriff’s Office reported that 37-year-old Michael Stempel had a falling out with his mother and his mother asked him to leave her home. The MPs said that Stempel told his mother that she would have to call the “cops” to take him out. Related: Florida man accused of smashing Bell’s taco burrito in his wife’s face during an argument

When the victim took her mobile phone to call the emergency service and talk to the dispatcher, according to the deputies, Stempel snatched the phone from her hands and hung up. After that, Stempel threw a piece of pizza at his mother, hitting her in the stomach, MPs say.

The deputies say that they found Stempel in a park on Lake Liza, from where he fled from them. Stempel finally stopped running and put his hands behind his back. MPs say Stempel denied the charges and said that his mother was a liar.

Stempel was charged with domestic violence, interfering with the victim’s life, and resisting without violence.

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