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December 9

Florida Man Steals Elderly Woman’s Purse, Runs Her Over in

An elderly Florida woman was hospitalized after a wallet thief hit her in an SUV during a disturbing robbery, captured on video.

CCTV footage from a McDonald’s restaurant in Okeechobee shows a man wearing a white baseball cap and maroon shirt approaching a seated woman from behind.

A man reaches over her right shoulder to grab her Coach purse, according to NBC 2 News. Then he runs out the door into a waiting car. The woman was chasing the man. Video footage of Thursday’s incident from the parking lot shows a woman opening the driver’s side door, but the man backs off, knocking her down, dragging and knocking her down. …

Police later said they had arrested Charles Alton Stratton Jr. in the case, WPTV reported.

Every Day is Florida Man Day:

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