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December 5

Police: Florida man abandoned child on roadside because he

WFLA County, Florida (WFLA). On Sunday, a Florida man was arrested for reportedly dumping a child on the side of a road because he thought he was gay.

Haynes Police Department arrested 30-year-old Evenod Julmeus of Haynes on Sunday night after finding a crying boy under 18 holding a gym bag with several things inside the police station.

When the policeman asked the boy what happened, the child said that Officer Julmeus kicked him out of the house because he thought he was gay.

The police report does not indicate the exact relationship between Yulmeus and the boy.

The boy told the officer that after a verbal dispute about this, Yulmeus told him to pack his bags and get into the car. Yulmeus then drove the boy to the headland on Highway 27 near the Haynes Police Department. The boy said that Yulmeus ordered him to go out and told him: “The police will find you a new home.”

After the boy got out of the car, Yulmeus returned home.

The police station said that the boy was left in the police station without food, water, money and a telephone.

Police said a passerby at the police station saw the whole thing happen and reported the incident.

The report says that when the boy’s mother asked Yulmeus where the boy was, Yulmeus told her what had happened and that if she wanted to go after him, he was at the police station.

Then the woman left the house to find her son.

Yulmeus was arrested and charged with child neglect.

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