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August 2

August 2 Florida man arrested after writing anti-gay remark

One Florida man was recently detained by the police for writing an anti-homosexual remark on a waiter’s receipt after lunch at a local restaurant, tucking a bill into a manager’s blouse in a collision, and fled the scene.

Last weekend, Frederick Sterry Smith and her companion finished lunch at Milagro On 12 Latin Kitchen in St. Augustine, according to the Naples Daily News, before things quickly turned for the worse. According to the report, Smith left no tip and wrote “If He Wasn’t Gay” on the bill, police said. A male waiter notified a female restaurant manager who approached a man outside of the facility. Smith admitted this by yanking the receipt out of the manager’s hands before tearing it, grabbing her by the collar, unbuttoning her shirt, and shoving “the torn cage into her shirt, touching her chest with his hand,” according to police protocol.

The manager reportedly shouted that it was an attack when the aggressor left.

Law enforcement officials were contacted and the police tracked down Smith within an hour, according to the Daily News.

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