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August 19

August 19 Florida man, 88, burns raccoon over eating mangoes

PALM BAY, FL (AP) – An 88-year-old Florida man was arrested after police said he burned a captured raccoon alive because the animal ate his mango.

Ezra James told WKMG-TV on Saturday that he doused a raccoon with gasoline and lit a match. Apart from the mango, James feared that the raccoon might infect him with rabies. James lives in the coastal town of Palm Bay, about 75 miles southeast of Orlando.

A neighbor called 911 when a raccoon was burned to death in a metal trap.

James says the cops shot the raccoon to ease his suffering. Authorities say unpleasant animals can be trapped and either released or humanely euthanized.

James says he was released from prison after posting a $ 2,000 bail on charges of animal cruelty resulting in death.

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