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August 18

August 18 Florida man arrested after botching in-home

Highlands County, Florida. Florida MPs have arrested a man for attempted castration at his home in Highlands County, WFTS reported.

The MPs were summoned to the home of 74-year-old Gary Van Riswick on Ordai Road in Sebring on Sunday 18 August.

When they arrived, Riswick told the MP that he had just castrated the man and was in serious trouble. The deputies found the victim on the bed, bleeding heavily, with a towel in his groin.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and his condition was stable.

During the investigation, the deputies found two body parts in a pink container, allegedly belonging to the victim.

According to the report, Ryswick had set up a room that looked like a surgery center, and it contained medical equipment and pain relievers.

A camera was also installed to record the procedure.

Van Riswick told MPs that he met the victim on the darknet on a site geared towards people with castration fetish.

In addition, Riswick told MPs that he tried to carry out the procedure on the victim last week, but had to be postponed.

According to the report, Riswick told the victim that he had an animal experience and even removed one of his testicles in 2012.

He also said that he had done a similar procedure with a man at a local motel several years ago. It ended badly, according to the Highland County Sheriff.

Raiswick was arrested Monday August 19 and charged with practicing medicine without a license, resulting in personal injury, a felony second degree.

His bond was set at $ 250,000.

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