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August 16

August 16 Florida man suspected of murdering couple was

Martin County MPs discovered the gruesome scene in the driveway of Tequesta’s home on Monday when they spotted 19-year-old Austin Harrowf bending over a bleeding man, ripping off parts of his face with his teeth.

The Miami Herald reports that MPs unsuccessfully tried to use stun guns and a police dog to get Harrowff, a Florida State University student, from the body of John Stevens III. In the end, a group of officers managed to drag the abnormally strong Harrowf away while he grunting, growling and making “animal sounds.”
Martin County Sheriff William Snyder tells reporters that in the garage, deputies found Michelle Michcon Stevens, who was stabbed to death. Snyder says there was “terrible violence” in the garage, where it looks like the husband was trying to fight off Harrowff, according to the Herald.

The suspect did not know the pair, and Snyder calls the attack “completely unprovoked and accidental,” according to the Herald. Officials suspect Harrowf may have been under the influence of hallucinogens. A neighbor who tried to help was also stabbed and was later taken to hospital.

The Herald reports that Harrowf was at a local sports pub with his parents when he got angry and ran out of the house. He was at Tekeste, visiting his hometown with some of his brotherhood. The Palm Beach Post reports that the suspect is currently under sedation at Palm Beach County Hospital.

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