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August 15

August 15 Florida man wrecks liquor shop, blames 'caterpillar'

CRESTVIEW, Florida. A Florida man arrested for destroying a liquor store under construction told police that he was Alice in Wonderland and that “a hookah-smoking caterpillar” ordered him to attack the place.

Crestview police said in a Facebook post that Matthew Horace Jones is accused of breaking into a fenced-in area and using a forklift to cause more than $ 100,000 in damage. He faces major theft and other charges.

Witnesses called 911 and the police arrived at the scene. A police report says Jones pointed a forklift at the officers, who stopped him with a pistol.

Police quoted Jones as “Alice in Wonderland”, accusing the attack of a “hookah-smoking caterpillar” and saying he was having problems “building a place to sell alcohol.”

There is no lawyer for him

Every Day is Florida Man Day:

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