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August 12

August 12, Florida man sprays women with roach spray, break

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. The Florida resident was accused of spraying his neighbors with cockroach spray and attempting to use nunchucks – hitting himself in the head instead – over a complaint about loud music, the court records say.

Larry Darnell Adams, 61, of Daytona Beach, is charged with aggravated assault with lethal weapons and aggravated assault with lethal weapons, according to Volusia County Court records.

The affidavit filed by a Daytona Beach police officer said the officer was summoned to the riot at about 1:15 am Monday morning at Adams’ apartment building, where he spoke to five alleged victims, all women. According to their statements, the two women sat in the car and listened to music to celebrate one victim’s 18th birthday. Two other women who are relatives left their apartment and asked the women in the car to play music. way down. The fifth woman was nearby in the parking lot.

While the women were talking, Adams left his apartment and started a verbal fight with the women, the affidavit said.

“The victims stood their ground while the defendant swore and voiced various threats, once threatening to“ broadcast ”,” the document says. Larry Adams, 61, from Daytona Beach, is captured in 2015 photos. Adams was arrested on Monday 12 August 2019 after allegedly threatening to shoot neighbors to loud music, spraying them with cockroach spray and trying to scare them with nunchucks.

The officer wrote that the women perceived the slang as a threat that he would shoot them with firearms.

As the dispute continued, Adams pulled out a can of cockroach spray and sprayed the women with pesticide in their faces and bodies, the affidavit said.

Then Adams threatened the women with a set of nunchucks, the officer wrote. The document says the women believed him after being sprayed with insect spray.

Adams used a martial arts weapon to hit a car in which women were listening to music.

“When the nunchaku inadvertently hit the defendant in the forehead, the defendant then threw the nunchucks into (the car),” the officer wrote.

The car was not damaged.

Adams called 911, as did one of the victims and the person who witnessed at least part of the incident. A witness told investigators that he saw Adams “splash something” on the women, as well as one woman holding a chair in front of her to block the splashing.

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