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April 8

April 8 Florida man crashes into jumping shark while paddleboarding

JUPITER, Florida, April 8. (UPI) – A Florida rower with a camera mounted on the front of a board captured his encounter with a spinner shark that leaped out of the water.

Maximo Trinidad posted a video on YouTube showing footage of him paddleboarding Thursday with a “spinner encounter” near Corners Beach, near Carlin Park on Jupiter. The video shows Trinidad riding the waves with other rowers nearby when he suddenly collides with a spinner shark that leaps out of the water.

Trinidad is knocked off his board, but he climbs it again, laughing and apparently not hurt. “As soon as I saw this big beautiful animal jumping next to me, everything went into slow motion. I didn’t want to be on top and I think I am a fish. Everything was so unreal. It was so cool,” Trinidad told WPTV.

The Baddleboarder said that this is not his first meeting with a jumping shark.

“Once [the shark] jumped on my left side again, two feet from me, almost at eye level, and it was impressive. There was a group of surfers next to me who looked at her with big eyes, ”he said. said

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